CRM membrane for Electroplate Waste Treatment

CRM membrane for Electroplate Waste Treatment
Electroplate waste water includes pretreatment waste water, electroplating rinse water, post processing waste water, and electroplating effluent etc. It is characterized by poison, high concentration of acid and alkali, and complicated compositions. Characteristics vary with different kinds of waste water. Therefore, treatment should be done respectively.
 For pretreatment, electroplating effluent and post processing waste water, mixture of complex compositions such as oil, acid or alkali, organic additives and high content of inorganic ion requires corresponding complex treatment technology; but for electroplating rinse water, the largest quantity of waste water, is comparably possible to be treated due to relatively simple composition.

Traditional treatment way
For electroplating rinse water treatment, on-line recycling is always used. Waste water is directly discharged to ion-exchange or membrane separation system, heavy metal ion can be concentrated, while filtrated water is directly returned to rinse process. This way has two shortcomings: one is that ion-exchange resins are easy to be saturated and required to be replaced frequently, the other is that membrane separation system runs unstable without any safe pretreatment.

Integrated CRM ceramic membrane system for Electroplating rinse water treatment  
In order to resolve the questions of recycling electroplating rinse water, after study for some time, TFT developed a set of integrated membrane separation technology. With excellent properties of CRM as security filter, RO and NF concentrate rinse water to the extremity, and recover valuable metal and water to the maximum.

Process Diagram

Process Advantages 
● With CRM-UF as security filter, good quality of filtrate (SDI<3) makes RO and NF run stably and reliably,
● Reliable performance in long time
● Backflushing frequently may improve flux of CRM-UF
● Easy to be regenerated both ensures CRM-UF run reliably and prolongs membrane life span
● Recovering lots of rinse water and metal ion both saving resource and reducing waste disposal, water recovery rate>95%, metal removal rate>95%
● No requirement of regenerating resin frequently

If you need more details about ceramic membrane process for recycling electroplating rinse water ,please do not hesitate to contact with us or send email to us. We sincerely welcome your visit to our plant and reference projects.TFT is willing to communicate and share information with you on engineering process issues. We are looking forward to developing more market and more applications with your help, bring this new technology to end users, create more values and benefits for all parties.
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