CRH Membrane Housing & Module
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CRH Module & Housing
CRH Module & Housing
CRH Module & Housing

CRH Membrane Housing & Module

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Product Description
CRH modules & housings are pressure vessels assembled with ceramic membrane elements. The structure of the CRH module is similar to the tubular heat exchanger. Normally ceramic membrane runs as a mode of Inside to outside.  The feed liquid enters the channel (called Tube Pass), and the permeate through the membrane element flows out of the housing (called Shell Pass). To separate the liquid in Tube pass and Shell pass, membrane element is equipped with O-rings or tapered seals at both ends,and fixed between tube plates. The tube plates can use straight holes or tapered holes to hold membrane elements together with seals. 
According to the special requirements of different application, the housing can be designed and processed according to China National standard, American standard or German standard in food sanitary grade, pharmaceutical grade and chemical grades. Depending on corrosivity of fluid,the housing can be made of material like 304 or 316 stainless steel, FRPP, PVC plastic, steel lining rubber, titanium alloy and other materials; silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber, etc.  The seal & gasket can be EPDM, Silicon, FKM or even KALREZ solvent stable rubber. 
Structural design, shape design, and seal design of CRH modules are critical to the operation of a whole membrane filtration system. TFT has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of membrane modules for different kind of application in process industry. The maximum loading capacity per one single module can reach 800 elements, with membrane area  340m2.  
● Load Qty:1, 3, 7, 12, 19, 37, 50, 61, 74, 91, 99, 138, 241, 588, 800pcs
● Element Length:100~1500mm/ OD:25, 30, 40mm 
● Vessel M.O.C:SUS304(L), SUS316(L), TA2, CS/Rubber, PVC, FRPP 
● Gasket:EPDM, Silicon, FKM, KALREZ ,PTFE
● Connector:Flange, Union, Clamp 
● Pressure:0-1.0Mpa ,0-1.6Mpa ,0-2.5Mpa
● Standard:Chemical, Sanitary
● Surface:Mechanical polishing, Sandblasting
Model LoadQty Mem Length  L /mm Module Length A /mm Perm Distance  B /mm Perm Hight  D /mm Perm ODE /mm Weight.  KG
CRH3-30 3 1016 1013.0 851.0 88.0 DN15 6.0
CRH7-30 7 1016 1013.0 851.0 106.0 DN25 15.5
CRH19-30 19 1016 1013.0 851.0 173.0 DN32 32.0
CRH37-30 37 1200 1197.0 1035.0 220.0 DN40 45.0
CRH61-30 61 1016 1013.0 851.0 273.0 DN50 60.0
CRH91-30 91 1200 1197 1035.0 316.0 DN65 73.0
CRH99-25 99 1178 1259 1059.0 206.0 DN50 69.0
CRH138-30 138 1200 1197 1035.0 340.0 DN80 100.0
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