Membrane Solution
Ceramic membranes are suitable for solid-liquid separation in harsh condition for process industry.
TFT can offer you full range products from MF/UF ceramic membrane,Zeolite Pervaporation membrane, Lab pilot unit, scaled-up membrane system for process industry.
Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Tea: Extract,Instant Powder
Alcohol:Red Wine,Beer,Fruit wine
Fruit Juice:Apple,Grape,Lemon, Orange,Pineapple
Vegetable Juice:Celery,Carrot,Cabbage
Pectin: Citrus pectin, Carrageenan,Gelatin
Sweetner: Cane,Beet,Cassava&Corn sweetner,Stevia,Monk fruit
Brewage:Soy sauce,Vinegar
Soy Bean: Protein,Peptide,Isoflavones,Polysaccharides
Other Natual Extract: Polysaccharide,Color


Fermentation Bio product
Organic acid: L-Lactic,Citric acid ,Dicarboxylic acid,Carnine,Guanosine 
Amino acid: L- Lysine ,Glutamic ,Threonine ,Aspartame
Enzyme: Phytase
Other fermentation products
Petrol Chemical

Petrol Chemical

Process Advantages:
● High rejection for nanometer particles
● Backflushingable
● High membrane porosity with high flux 
● Excellent chemical stability
● Highly automatic control
● Long worklife
Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

Emulsion waste water in steel industry
Produced water treatment
Mine water&condensate water
Alkaline and acid processing stream liquid
Waste with pigment from printing&dyeing and edible oil of high COD/BOD
Landfill leachate water
Electroplate waste, laundry waste water
Grinding water micro-electronics
Water Supply

Water Supply

Water Purification&supply
Turbid Surface water 
Military Water Supply
Emergency water supply
Oil Rejection Water
New Energy & Material

New Energy & Material

New Energe&Material
Concentration&purification for nanometer particles
Fuel Cell
Solar Cell
Enrichment of Rare metal 
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