CMS Membrane Filtration Machine
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CMS Membrane Filtration System
CMS Membrane Filtration System
CMS Membrane Filtration System

CMS Membrane Filtration Machine

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Product Description
Generally, we call the complete set of filtration equipment which uses inorganic ceramic membranes for fluid separation as Ceramic Membrane Filtration System, referred to as CMS . CMS system can use CRM tubular membrane (or silicon carbide membrane), FCM  membrane or PCR honeycomb membrane. It runs as cross-flow filtration or semi-cross-flow filtration for liquid separation.
Depending on target application, CMS membrane filtration system can be designed and manufactured with different materials. For example, food and pharmaceutical industries usually require SUS304 or SS316L stainless steel. For those corrosive condition in the chemical or waste water application, Titanium alloy, FRPP and steel lining rubber can be used. For those project which is cost sensitive, PCR membranes with PVC piping is recommended for users.
A complete CMS membrane filtration system includes ceramic membrane elements, membrane modules, pumps (circulating pump, feed pump, CIP pump, etc.), valves, instruments (flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level, etc.), and auxiliary equipment (heat exchange Filters, pre-filter,back flushing systems, etc.), control systems (MCC cabinet, program cabinet, PLC, inverters, etc.), frames, and some supporting storage tanks and public works.
According to the technical requirement, capacity and other issues of project, TFT technical team can design a reliable, economical, and practical filtration process. At the same time, the technical staff can design the 3D structure drawing and select the stable and reliable parts. In TFT workshop, all those parts will be assembled and processed into a high-quality membrane filtration system under a strict quality control system; Before the equipment is delivered, quality inspection and testing are performed to ensure that the equipment software and hardware can meet the user's requirements.

CMS membrane filtration system can be designed as manual control, semi-automatic control, PLC & DCS fully automatic control. TFT has many years of project experience and a professional team. It can customize personalized control systems according to different requirements of users, and integrate them into the host control unit of users through network protocols to achieve remote monitoring and control.

Successful cases of TFT ceramic membranes in process industries:
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for antibiotic fermentation broth downstream extration
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for amino acid fermentation broth downstream extration
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for organic fermentation broth downstream extration
》CRBR Ceramic membrane for primary brine Refinery of Chlor Alkali
》Intergrated Membrane CRM-MF+UF+RO  process for Tea processing
》CRM-MF Ceramic membrane for apple juice clarification
》CRM-MF Ceramic membrane for lemon juice clarification
》CRM-MF Ceramic membrane for vegetable juice clarification
》CRM-MF Ceramic membrane for soysauce filtration
》CRM-MF Ceramic membrane for wine clarification
》CRM-MF Ceramic membrane for cider clarification
》CRM-UF&NF Ceramic membrane for cane sugar purification
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for beet sugar extraction
》CRM-MF&UF Ceramic membrane for corn starch sugar processing
》CRM-UF Ceramic MBR for landfill leachate treatment
》CRM Ceramic membrane for steel cold-rolled Emulsion water treatment
》CMX Ceralumoxane  membrane for cutting fluid treatment
》CMX Ceralumoxane  membrane for produced water treatment
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for degreasing emulsion water treatment
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for laundry water treatment
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for pigment water treatment
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for palm POME waste treatment
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for latex treatment
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for nanoparticle purification
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for TS Catalyst  production
》CRM-UF Ceramic membrane for TS Catalyst stream waste recovery
》Zeolite PV Membrane for Ethanol Dehydration
》Zeolite PV for IPA Dehydration

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