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2023 China Inorganic Membrane Industry Development Summit Forum
On November 11, the 2023 China Inorganic Membrane Industry Development Summit Forum and the China Membrane Industry Association Inorganic Membrane Annual Conference were successfully held at Nanjing. This forum is hosted by the China Membrane Industry Association and the School of Chemical Engineering of Nanjing University of Technology, and hosted by the Inorganic Membrane Branch of the China Membrane Industry Association.
TFT Shines at IZMM2023
Nanjing Tangent Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TFT") proudly participated as a sponsor of the 9th International Zeolite Membrane Meeting (hereinafter referred to as "IZMM2023") held in Nanjing, China from October 23 to 27, 2023. The conference, organized by Nanjing University of Technology, is the most important global event in the field of zeolite membrane studies.
Welcome to IZMM2023
The 9th International Zeolite Membrane Meeting (IZMM2023) hosted by Nanjing Tech University will be held by Nanjingfrom 23 to 27, October,2023 in Nanjing, China. TFT, as the meeting’s sponsor and zeolite membrane supplier, sincerely welcomes your visit. We believe that you will benefit a lot in the coming IZMM2023.
Happy Mid-autumn Festival & National Day
The Mid-autumn festival and the national day are coming. TFT sincerely wishes all of our friends and partners happy time in the holiday! And best wishe for our motherland!
TFT’s Fun Outdoor Barbecue Party
On 18th August,2023, TFT organized a team-building activity of outdoor self-service barbecue party in a beautiful garden Yihuagong in Nanjing. We had a great time bonding and enjoying delicious food together.
The 4th China Inorganic Membrane Academic Conference Ended Successfully
From August 11 to 14, 2023, The 4th China Inorganic Membrane Academic Conference ended successfully at the Yangtze River International Conference Center Hotel in Nanjing. With the theme of "low-carbon process reengineering with membrane technology as the core", the conference held more than 100 professional speech reports on ceramic membranes, zeolite molecular sieve membranes, MOF membranes, and COF membranes. More than 300 experts, scholars, and scientific and technological workers engaged in membrane science research and technology development related fields participated in this meeting. Among them, academician Xu Nanping, Xing Weihong, Fan Yiqun, Jin Wanqin and other veteran experts in  have aroused enthusiastic responses.
Welcome to booth S3455 at IFT in Chicago,USA
TFT will show our lastest ceramic membrane technology for food industry at IFT ,July 16~19th, Chicago,USA. Ceramic membranes have been successfully applied for food ingredient and additive production:
* Fermentation downstream
* Enzyme
* Herbal extraction
* Protein peptide processing
* Starch & sweetner
* Alcohol & wine
* Dairy
* Fruit and vegetable juice
Sincerely welcome your visit to us at booth S3455 during IFT exhibition.
Welcome to 5.1H1529 Aquatech China 2023
Aquatech China 2023 will be held from 5th to 7th June in Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC Shanghai). TFT welcomes your visit to 5.1H1529 for technology communication about environmental protection&water treatment, especially ceramic membranes application in these industries, and win-win cooperation in water treatment marketing.
TFT attended the 26th China International Chlor-Alkali Conference (CICAC)
The 26th China International Chlor-Alkali Conference (CICAC) hosted by China Chlor-Alkali Network (CCAON) was successfully concluded in Nanjing Zijin Villa on April 11-12, 2023. TFT was invited to participate in CICAC, and conducted in-depth learning and exchanges with representatives and experts of participating companies. 2023 is a critical period for my country's chlor-alkali industry to achieve high-quality development. Ceramic membranes in the brine refining process is the trend in the chlor-alkali industry.
Happy International Women’s Day 2023
Greetings on the 113th International Women's Day! TFT extends its heartfelt felicitations to all the women across the globe, wishing them good health, prosperity, and triumphant careers!
Happy New Year 2023
In the coming new year 2023, we will step into the post-epidemic era, a new journey full of unexpected opportunities and challenges.Working together with our customers and partners, TFT will be more brave and ambitious to explore more market and applications based on this advanced green technology, to bring more value and reduce more carbon emission.
Congratulations on GOST & EAC Certification
Congratulations on GOST and EAC certificated for TFT products: ceramic membranes, membrane housings and membrane filtration equipments. Besides GOST and EAC certification, we also have CE certification for our products. TFT is a reliable and professional ceramic membrane manufacturer. We supply the products of good quality and service that's satisfying our customers and partners.
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