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TFT can offer you full range products from MF/UF ceramic membrane,Zeolite Pervaporation membrane, Lab pilot unit, scaled-up membrane system for process industry.
How to select a membrane?
For the membrane separation of strong acid and alkali, oxidizing, containing mechanical impurities, more demanding material system, inorganic membrane filtration system is suitable. For the large or high molecular ions, you can choose organic nanofiltration membrane filtration system. More information see "About Membranes".

How to decide total membrane filtration area?
TFT has 20 years of experience and datas for a variety of materials in different industry. If you have a new project of processing , TFT team will evaluate the feasibility from technical and economical view.Or we will conduct a pilot test for you, to collect parameter and datas for scaling up design.
Al2O3 membranes VS SiC membranes

Those two membranes are all called inorganic membranes. SiC membrane have higher porosity and higher pure water flux. Both SiC and Al2O3 membranes are suitable for solid liquid separation in process industry. Compared with SiC membrane , Al2O3 membrane has lower price, which can be more acceptable in many cases which is cost sensitive.
How about membrane regeneration by CIP?
Ceramic membranres are normally applied for those liquid with high SS/COD/OIL/Protein, which may bring heavy foulings on membrane structure. We can regenerate or clean the membrane by strong chemicals like NaOH, HNO3,NaClO, H2O2, etc.Some time, a backpusing unit is recomended to reduce the membrane foulings.
How much maxium operation temperature of ceramic membranes?
Ceramic membrane can keep stable running under very high temperture up to 150-200 Degree Celsius, with special thermal stable gaskets. But we have to prevent strong thermal shock to membranes during step switching. Change of temerature during system operation should be controled less than 10 Degree Celsius/Minutes.
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