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TFT can offer you full range products from MF/UF ceramic membrane,Zeolite Pervaporation membrane, Lab pilot unit, scaled-up membrane system for process industry.
How long work life of CRM ceramic membranes?
CRM Ceramic membrane is made of pure Al2O3 under very high temperature. The specification is very stable in most of chemicals like strong acid, alkali, oxidation. During normal application in process industry, ceramic membrane can keep a very long life time comparing with polymeric membranes. 
The worklife of ceramic membranes is effected by following factors:
● Membrane quality
● Specification of feed fluid
● Pretreatment design
● Membrane process design
● Daily careful operation
TFT can offer a high quality membrane, with a professional design package for a ceramic membrane system, so that membranes can keep on running very stable with reliable performance for  many years. 
What's the difference between Batch and Continuous operation?
Ceramic membrane system can be designed into different operation modes.  Normally we can make a  Batch design for small capacity , and make a Continuous design for a high capacity. For batch operation, retentate will flow back to Feed tank, while permeation will flow out into permeation tank. For continuous operation, most retentate will not flow back to Feed tank, it will flow out continuously together with permeate. 
Storage of CRM membranes
Ceramic membrane element and housing must be thoroughly cleaned before storage,otherwise bacteria will grow fast on membrane.
●  CRM membrane can stay storage either in dry and wet.
●  Membrane can be kept inside the module for long time storage.
●  Remove all contaminants (including proteins, organics, and metals) from the membrane and support layer by using a cleaning agent containing enzymes, acids, bases or oxidants.
●  Shut down the permeate side valve first, run 30 to 60 minutes, and then open the permeate side valve.
●  It is best to use pure water or deionized water for cleaning and rinsing.
●  Measure the water flux, and if the cleaning water flux recovered well, then the cleaning is successful.
Before reusing ,a CIP cleaning with NaOH 1% with 2000ppm NaClO is highly recommended. 

How to calculate cross flowrate?
Ceramic membrane normally runs under a CROSSFLOW mode, the feed liquid flows a fast velosity 3-6m/s across inside membrane layer. Here is calculation of cross flowrate for a membrane housing:
For example, we use a housing CRH61-30 which is loaded with 61pcs CRM3019-1200mm membrane. 
The inside diamter of membrane is 4.0mm
If we apply 4.5m/s crossflow velosity 
So the cross flowrate for a single membrane is Qmembrane=3.14*0.002*0.002*19*3600*4.5=3.87m3/h
So the cross flowrate for a housing is Qhousing=61*3.87=236m3/h
How about integrated membrane process?
In process industry, sometime several kinds of membranes should be applied together to fullfil the process requirement. MF/UF can make clarification, removing undissovled suspended solid like starch, bateria, fiber, sand, oil ;
Polymeric UF can remove dissoved protein, colloid, and other big molecular weight components;
Polyermic NF can remove color, multivalent ion, and small molecular weight components. 
RO can remove nearly all ion. 
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