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CRP Membrane Pilot Units
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CRP Membrane Pilot Units
CRP Membrane Pilot Units
CRP Membrane Pilot Units

CRP Membrane Pilot Units

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Product Description
Ceramic MF/UF and polymeric nanofiltration / ultrafiltration separation technology are customized processes for special fluids in process industry. Because the properties of the industrial fluids vary widely, it is difficult to design membrane processes according to uniform standards. Industrial production generally requires new processes to be explored and verified through pilot tests. Through experiments, you can understand the influence of factors such as membrane pore size, temperature, pressure, and membrane surface flow rate on the filtration process. You can understand the mutual relationship of flux, concentration multiple, dialysis water volume, and yield. You can understand the influence of the regeneration cleaning cycle, backwash cycle, Cleaning agents and cleaning process on the performance of the membrane; through the data collected in these experimental processes, the technical feasibility and economic feasibility of the membrane process can be estimated, so as to provide detailed reference for decision makers and designers.
TFT has rich experience in membrane process development, we can design and fabricate membrane pilot units for different applications. According to membrane types, there are different series of pilot machines like ceramic MF/UF membrane pilot, spiral NF membrane pilot, spiral UF membrane pilot, plate membrane pilot, pervaporation pilot. All the pilot machine can be made as wide range of operating pressures: low-pressure pilot (0.5-10.0bar), medium-pressure pilot (10-35bar), and high-pressure pilot(35.0-100.0bar).
CRP series ceramic membrane pilot unit generally has 1 or 2 ceramic membrane elements. The machine is made as mobile skid mounted design, including membrane, housing, pump, valve, pressure gauge, flow meter, thermometer, heat exchanger, safety filter, CIP tank,frame, control cabinet, etc.  Manual or Automatic control can be optional;  CRP series pilot units are widely applied in experiments of process fluid, research work in universities, research institutes, enterprise research and development centers, etc.

Performance & Characteristics :
● Full range membranes
● Optimized design
● Compact design
● Small dead volume
● Mobile unit

Process Evaluation Parameters
● Filtration Flux at l/m2.h
● Poresize & MWCO
● Operation Presssure
● VCF (Volume Concentrate Factor)
● Chemical Cleaning

Customized Order Requirement:
● Poresize & MWCO range: MF / UF / NF / RO / DTRO / PV / VP
● Membrane : Ceramic ,Polymeric spiral, Hollow fiber, Flat sheet, Tubular
● Operating Pressure: 0-1.0bar-10.0bar-35.0bar-60.0bar-100.0bar
● M.O.C: 316L or AISI304 or FRPP or UPVC
● Control: Manual or Automatic
● Power: 220V-380V-460V/50-60Hz
● Heat Exchanger
● Capacity or membrane area

Multifunctional Membrane Pilot Testing Units
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