PCR Honeycomb Membrane
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PCR Honeycomb Ceramic Membranes
PCR Honeycomb Ceramic Membranes
PCR Honeycomb Ceramic Membranes

PCR Honeycomb Membrane

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Product description
PCR honeycomb membrane is a big ceramic cylinder composed of many and many equal honeycomb channels, so that the filtering area is greatly increased. The channel sections are round and hexagonal shape. Compared with the multi-channel tubular membrane, PCR honeycomb ceramic membrane has a bigger outer diameter, a larger number of channels, a smaller inner channel diameter, thereby greatly reducing the manufacturing cost per unit area. PCR honeycomb ceramic membrane is compatible with the excellent characteristics of inorganic media, such as acid and alkali resistance, long life, good reliability, and the advantages of high packing density and low production cost . For those application of solid-liquid separation with low solid content load and price sensitive, PCR product brings excellent technology and economic benefits.Based on many years of advanced experience in the membrane material industry, TFT cooperates with world-renowned ceramic materials research institutions to develop special specifications for sewage treatment and low solid content fluid separation according to the special requirements of users and various water quality characteristics.
As a new low-cost membrane product, PCR series ceramic membrane has huge advantages in water treatment:
►High area loading density, 15m2 per each element
Reliable performance without failure
Low power consumption
Ultra fine separability down to 30nm
Excellent chemical stability, resistant to strong acid, alkali 
Excellent mechanical with abrasive resistance
Oxidation stability
Resistant to oil & fat
Resistant to bacteria
Long work life more than 15years
Interchangeable with hollow fiber membrane

Target Applications:
Drinking Water, Treatment, Mine Water Treatment, Oil&Gas Produced Water Treatment, Offshore water Treatment, Emergency water supply, Condensate Water Treatment, Beer filtration, Juice clarification, Wine clarification
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