Microbial fermentation plays very important role in biotech industry because targeted products are produced in fermentation process. Product quality is influenced by various factors. As far as separation is concerned, fermentation broth clarification, macro molecule proteins removal, effective products recovery etc will affect product both in purity and in recovery directly. Suitable separation technology selection will be the essential to the whole process and final product. 
Tradition separation method such as plate and frame pressing filter, vacuum drum filter can not effectively separate impurities from product due to its low precision filtration, which cause either filtrate not clear or effective ingredients low recovery rate.    
Thanks to high precision filtration and other advantages over traditional separation method, even organic membrane,CRM Ceramic membranes have been used widely in fermentation clarification, bioactive extraction such as:
● Fermentation Bio product
● Organic acid: L-Lactic,Citric acid ,Dicarboxylic acid,Carnine,Guanosine 
● Amino acid: L- Lysine ,Glutamic ,Threonine ,Aspartame
● Enzyme: Phytase
● Other fermentation products

Based on membrane pore size screening effect, valuable effective  component produced from fermentation broth and primary process are separated from fermented residual and  other impurities produced in process, and be recovered fully by Dia-Filtration 

Process Advantages:
● High precision filtration
● High product yield
● Physical separation without chemical reaction
● No need for chemical agents
● Excellent chemical stability
● Simple extraction process
● Low production cost
● Less waste discharge
CRM Membrane for L-Lysine Production
CRM Membrane for Erythromycin Production
CRM Membrane for L-Lactic Production
CRM Membrane for Fermentation Downstream
CRM Membrane for Fermentation Downstream
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