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Company Culture
TFT is committed to introducing advanced membrane separation technology into modern industrial production, and willing to serve humanity with these innovative technology: making expensive membrane technology acceptable to more users; allowing more partners to enjoy personalized custom services, so that the industry promote large-scale innovation through integration and coordination,new technologies can be fully utilized and released; sincerely cooperating with our business partners, sharing high quality products and engineering experience, creating more value, and achieving win-win cooperation for all parties! to promote your excellent sale channels, let's join together.

Respecting each other and being faithful to the TFT Cause
Serving with dedication and being committed to our customers and partner
Operating with scientific management to increase corporate performance
Endeavoring with creativity to establish a famous TFT brand

Be practical and rational, keep honesty and never cheat customers.
Be open and progressive,and never stop striving for excellence.
Challenge yourself, be the best, and never be satisfied.
Work outside the box, refuse mediocrity, and never drift along.
Begin with the end in mind, work together with unity, and never shirk your responsibilities.
Green & sustainable development:
Innovation-driven and green development leads the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Under the background of the national "double carbon" policy, energy conservation and emission reduction, improvement of energy efficiency and industrial structure adjustment are our important directions for the sustainable development

Corporate culture is the values, beliefs, and behaviors that a company commonly recognizes and follows. It has four main functions. The first function is the guiding, which directs employees to a common goal; the second function is the stimulating, which stimulates the sense of honor, mission and responsibility of the company's employees; the third function is the cohesion , uniting people's hearts, and reducing internal consumption; the fourth function is the standard, providing employees with Code of conduct, unified understanding. These four function are to guide employees to establish the correct values of the enterprise.

"Respecting each other and being faithful to the TFT Cause." Emphasizing the mutual respect and loyalty of employees and being loyal to the TFT membrane business together are the core elements of whether the company is competitive. And "Serving with dedication and being committed to our customers and partner" is extended to enterprise employees and users and partners. "Operating with scientific management to increase corporate performance, Endeavoring with creativity to establish a famous TFT brand" refers to the basic guarantee of the company's style and business objectives. Innovation and achievement of well-known brand products in the global membrane industry, scientific management promotes the realization of corporate goals. These four sentences are an interconnected and indivisible whole.
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