CRM MF/UF Tubular Ceramic Membrane
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CRM Ceramic Membrane
CRM Ceramic Membrane
CRM Ceramic Membrane

CRM MF/UF Tubular Ceramic Membrane

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Product Description
CRM  ceramic membrane is made of high-purity Oxide like  Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2 and other composite materials,using a patented formula. The material is mixed, extruded and burned in furnace under very high temperature(> 1700℃). The appearance of ceramic membrane is tubular multi-channel, formed in an asymmetric porous multilayer structure. From the outside to the inside, it is  porous support base, intermediate layer,active membrane layers. By using special recipe, TFT can make very fine active layer with pore size down to nanometer or even molecular level. This will bring possibility for fine filtration in solid-liquid separation or liquid-liquid separation. The operation principle of CRM ceramic membrane is dynamic “cross-flow filtration” by internal pressure from Inside to Outside. The raw liquid is pumped into the membrane element at a high linear speed. Water,dissolved components, solvent passes through the membrane layer, forming a clear and transparent filtrate called Permeate. Insoluble suspended matter, bacteria, oil or macromolecular components are rejected by the active membrane layer, forming a concentrated liquid called Retentate or Concentrate. The retentate flows out from the other end of the channel, and circulate inside the element.Different from traditional filtration methods such as filter press or centrifuges, people can control the filtration precision by using ceramic membrane with different pore sizes, which can achieve extremely accurate filtration precision.For industrial applications,the ultra high filtration precision in the clarification step will bring big benefit for post treatment after ceramic membrane. What’s more,CRM ceramic membranes are made of highly stable oxides which have excellent chemical stability. Ceramic membrane is a good option for ultra-high precision separation of complex fluid under harsh condition in process industry.

Since the fluid flows at a high linear speed on the surface of the microporous membrane layer, it is not easy to accumulate on the surface of the filter layer to form a thick filter cake. Stable filtration flux can keep for a long time because of the low filtration resistance and easy regeneration. Ceramic membranes have been proved to be a reliable economical green separation technology for modern industries.

TFT has more than 20 years of experience on membrane technology. TFT produces hundreds of thousands of ceramic membranes with different characteristics according to different applications, such as high abrasive series, high hydrocarbon removal series, low cost series, low pore size series, etc. With so some many unique advantages,ceramic membranes have been widely and successfully applied in food, medicine,chemical industry and environmental protection and so on. More and more new applications and processes based on ceramic membrane technology are  believed to appear soon.TFT company can also customize and develop special ceramic membranes and process design according to the user's special demand. All parties can work together to combine the upstream&downstream process with membrane technology, creating more benefit and more value!

According to pore size, CRM membranes can be divided into microfiltration membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, and nanofiltration membranes:

The average pore size of CRM-MF ceramic microfiltration membrane is between 50nm-1200nm. Normal pore size of MF is: 1200nm, 800nm, 500nm, 200nm, 100nm, etc. Major application of CRM-MF: Solid liquid separation, clarification

The average pore size of CRM-UF ceramic ultrafiltration membrane is between 10nm and 50nm. Normal pore size of UF is:  50nm, 30nm, 20nm, 50KD, etc. Major application of CRM-UF: Clarification, oil water separation, protein purification,Concentration

CRM-NF ceramic nanofiltration membranes have an average pore size from 1nm to 10nm. Normal pore size of NF is: 10nm and 5nm,8KD,etc. Major application of CRM-NF: Concentration, Purification, Decolouration
Advantages of CRM Membranes:
*Ultra fine separability with nanometer pore size
*Excellent chemical stability, resistant to strong acid, alkali
*Oxidation stability
*Solvent stability
*Excellent mechanical with abrasive resistance
*High thermal stability up to 300℃
*Easy regeneration by stable performance
*Back washable and thermo Sterilizable
*Safe material without hazardous substances
*Long work life

According to the shape,ceramic membranes can be divided into tubular membranes, flat sheet membranes, and honeycomb membranes.
CRM Tubular Ceramic Membrane
CRM ceramic membrane model designation consists of code and Arabic numerals according to the following rules:
Example:CRM3019- 200nm- 1016mm
Means: Tubular ceramic membrane , OD 30mm,19Channels,Pore size 200nm, Element length 1016mm.
CRM Technical Data List        
Model CRM1001 CRM2519 CRM3019 CRM3037 CRM4019 CRM4037
OD 10mm 25mm 30mm 30mm 40mm 40mm
Channel Qty 1 19 19 37 19 37
Channel ID 7.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 3.0mm 6.0mm 3.6mm
Standard Length 1016mm 1178mm 1200mm 1200mm 1000mm 1200mm
Membrane Area 0.02m2 0.25m2 0.283m2 0.418m2 0.358m2 0.50m2
Pore size CRM-MF: 1.2μm、0.8μm、0.2μm、0.1μm  CRM-UF: 50nm、30nm、20nm、50KD CRM-NF: 10nm、5nm 、8KD
Material Al2O3, ZrO2, TiO2 
PH pH 1-14
Pressure Max 1.0MPa
Porosity 35-40%
Temperature <150℃(Limited by seals)
Chemical Stability NaOH, KOH,HCl,HNO3,H2SO4,H3PO4,KMnO4,O3,NaClO,HClO,Benzene, Tetrahydrofuran, Chloroform, Acetone, Methanol, Acetonitrile, etc.

a. The above table lists the normal products and  models. TFT can be customized membranes according to user requirements and MOQ;
b. The length of the membrane  is  500mm, 1000mm, 1016mm, 1178mm,up to 1500mm;
c. According to membrane module assembly dimension, the membrane ends can be ground externally according to user requirements;
d.Ceramic membrane is a brittle material. Although it can be operated at high temperature, it should avoid severe temperature difference impact.
Contact TFT for more details of following pages:
CRM1001-200nm-500mm.pdf      CRM1001-50nm-1000mm.pdf
CRM2519-200nm-1178mm.pdf     CRM2519-50nm-1178mm.pdf
CRM3019-200nm-1016mm.pdf     CRM3019-50nm-1200mm.pdf
CRM3037-200nm-1016mm.pdf     CRM3037-50nm-1200mm.pdf
CRM4019-200nm-1000mm.pdf     CRM4019-50nm-1500mm.pdf
CRM4037-200nm-1000mm.pdf     CRM4037-50nm-1200mm.pdf
Design Guide of CRM Membrane.pdf
Chemical Cleaning of CRM membrane.pdf
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