FCM Flat Sheet Membrane
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FCM Flat Sheet Membrane
FCM Flat Sheet Membrane
FCM Flat Sheet Membrane

FCM Flat Sheet Membrane

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Product Description
TFT FCM flat sheet ceramic membranes are made of Al2O3, which are characterized by excellent chemical,oxidation,solvent  and thermal stability. FCM product have been  proved to be a reliable membrane for waste water treatment system by means of MBR(Membrane Bio Reactor) technology. FCM can work a similar principle as hollow fiber or polymeric plate MBR membrane, with a unique performance under harsh conditions. 
FCM MBR Membrane                                                                                FCM Module            
》FCM Membrane Structure

》Filtration principle
FCM flat sheet ceramic membrane is made of Al2O3, which are characterized by their excellent chemical  and thermal stability and their ability to withstand harsh chemical cleanings. It works in a similar way to  polymeric flat sheet membranes. The separation layer of  FCM flat sheet ceramic membrane is coated on  the outer surface of support, therefore FCM membrane run as Outside-In mode. In order to maintain the  filtration ability and keep flux stable, aeration is usually used to reducethe fouling on the outer surface.  FCM membrane is more suitable for those cases under harsh conditions.

》FCM Ceramic Membrane Characteristics:

* High strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
* High durability and long work life which is 2-3 times longer than polymeric membrane.
* Wide application range of water temperature.
* Environmentally friendly, can be recycled as a raw material for ceramic products.
* Good hydrophilicity, low operating pressure, saving energy.
* Diversified cleaning methods, surface is smooth, and the attachments are easy to fall off, good recovery.
* Automated management, easy maintenance.
》FCM  Membrane  Models

》FCM Membrane Module

》FCM MBR Systems
》FCM-MBR Industrial Applications
》FCM-MBR Process Advantages

* Reliable operation and easy maintenance

FCM ceramic membrane has reliable performance during operation and will not be easily broken or damaged. It can operate under long sludge age      and nearly achieve no residual sludge discharge.
* High quality and stable filtrated water quality
The solid-liquid separation efficiency is high, and the separation effect is far greater than that of the sedimentation tank. All SS and turbidity of filtrate are close to zero, and viruses and bacteria can be effectively removed.
* Greatly remove ammonia nitrogen and refractory organic matter
Since the microorganisms are completely rejected in the bioreactor, it is beneficial to the trapped growth of nitrifying bacteria, and the system nitrification efficiency is improved. It can also increase the hydraulic retention time of some refractory organics, which is beneficial to improve the degradation efficiency of refractory organics.
* Water reused  directly
Combined with bioloical process, FCM membrane can bring efficient solid-liquid separation for the suspended solids, colloidal substances, and microbial flora . Since the bacteria cannot pass through 100nm pore, there is no need for disinfection. Therefore, the filtrate can be reused directly without post treatment.
* Reduce remaining sludge discharge
The process can be operated under high volume load. The output of residual sludge can keep extremely low, and even no sludge is produced, which greatly reduces the sludge treatment cost.
* Efficient sewage treatment capacity
FCM ceramic membrane can reject  microorganisms in the bioreactor, ensuring high activated sludge, which makes the system withstand impact loads, and at the same time realizes the separation of hydraulic retention time and sludge retention time.
* Long service life
FCM flat ceramic membranes are resistant to acid and alkali, oxidation, solvent, abrasion, and microorganisms. The service life is more than 15 years under normal conditions.
* Remote control by PLC automation
Industrial automation PLC control can be adopted for remote control with very low failure.
* Compact footprint, easy installation
FCM-MBR flat sheet ceramic membrane bioreactor can maintain a high concentration of microorganisms, greatly saves floor space, which is only 1/2 of the traditional process; The system can be fabricated  as ground type, semi-underground type and underground type. 10. Modularized design FCM membrane and module can be modularized and designed to meet different capacity with applicability and feasibility for different waste water.

》FCM-MBR Cases References

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