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Passion from TFT Membrane Assembly Factory
Thanks to trust from our clients, we got full orders on membrane separation systems in the second quarter 2022. TFT team works so hard in this hot summer season, to deliver the products on time.
Ceramic Membrane for Fluid with High SS and Viscosity
Even for fluid with high suspended solid and high viscosity,ceramic membrane can make a absolute solid liquid separation. As most of bacteria,nano particle,oil in the liquid can be 99% removed without any filtering additives. Crossflow ceramic membranes may be a solution if you are facing difficulties on fine liquid separation /filtration / purification.
CRM for Graphene Purification
Ultrafiltration ceramic membranes are applied for Graphene purification in strong acid solution.
CRP Membrane Pilot Units
An Ultrafiltration Ceramic membrane lab machine for pilot test purpose
Material of construction : CPVC / PTFE / Ta
Fluid:pH<1,HCl,H2SO4,HNO3,Acetic acid...
Pore size: 50nm,20nm,10nm,10KD,5KD
Ceramic Membranes for Emulsion Treatment
High oil cutting fluid from machinery plant can be easily treated by ultrafiltration ceramic membranes. Volume of discharged hazardous waste is only 10% of original emulsion volume.
Ceramic Membranes for Corn / Maize Processing
Nowdays many Crossflow ceramic membrane filtration systems are running in corn / maize processing industry. The major purpose is to remove or separate impurities like suspended solid ,bacteria or protein,oil.
Ceramic Membrane Delivery to Russia for Waste Water Treatment
Today, four packages of ceramic membranes started delivery to Russia for waste water treatment.
TFT ceramic membranes are good quality and performance, which have be widely used in waste water treatment.

FCM Flat Plate MBR Ceramic Membranes
Today more and more flat plate ceramic membranes have been successfully applied in MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) system in waste water treatment projects.
New Year Party of Membrane Friends
On Dec. 26th, Over 70 people from 43 companies joined a party to celebrate the new year 2021.
Ceramic membrane system (Titanium alloy)
A big ceramic membrane machine made of Titanium alloy for chloride alkali refinery was packaged for delivery on Dec. 12th, 2020.
Ceramic Membranes for Fermentation
A crossflow ceramic membrane system for fermentation downstream extraction
* Molecular separation
* No chemical additives
* High recovery yield
* High product quality
* Less waste discharge
Ceramic Membranes for Dyestuff Processing
Ultrafiltration Ceramic Membranes for Dyestuff Processing
Filtration / Concentration / Desalination
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