CRM membrane for Dyeing waste treatment

CRM membrane for Dyeing waste treatment
Dyeing waste water mainly comes from dyeing bath, large in sum, complex in component, character varying with ingredients, high pH, toxic, difficult to be biodegradable. 
For insoluble dyes(e.g indigo blue), MF or UF may recover from waste water, intention rate may reach 99%; but for soluble dyes, NF is usually used to recover, but pre-treatment with UF is necessary due to too high COD for NF.
TFT developed integrated CRM ceramic membrane separation technology for dyeing waste water, achieve good result.

Process Diagram

Process Advantages 
● For insoluble dyes, with CRM ceramic membrane, 98% dyes is rejected; for soluble dyes, 60~70% COD is reduced;
● NF recover great part of dyes, both brings about economic benefit and reduce the amount of waste water disposal
● A lot of treated water can be reused, saving water resource
● Simple process, easy maintenance
● CRM membrane is easy to be regenerated
● Reliable performance with long life.

If you need more details about ceramic membrane process for dyeing effluent treatment ,please do not hesitate to contact with us or send email to us. We sincerely welcome your visit to our plant and reference projects.TFT is willing to communicate and share information with you on engineering process issues. We are looking forward to developing more market and more applications with your help, bring this new technology to end users, create more values and benefits for all parties.
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