CRM membrane for Desizing Waste Treatment

CRM membrane for Desizing Waste Treatment
Print&dyeing waste water means discharged waste water in the process of destarch, bleaching, scouring, dyeing, tide, which contains mainly dye, sizing agent, fiber fabric and less amount of inorganic salts. Therefore, it has following characteristics: high concentration COD, high chroma, high pH,complex component and difficult to decompose. It is very difficult to treat if all these waste water are mixed. So, it is reasonable that all these waste water should be better separated to treat respectively.

Traditional treatment method
Generally speaking, for print&dyeing waste water large amount of COD is first reduced by oxidization and flocculation, then further COD is digested by microorganism, finally activated carbon or multimedia filters are used to remove chroma or ss etc.
This way not only treats inefficiently, treated water hardly meets the requirement of discharged standard, but also complicated process results in high cost of investment and operation, whats’ more, stability and reliability of process and treated water quality is hardly guaranteed.

CRM ceramic membrane for print&dyeing waster water treatment mainly involves three aspects: desizing waste water, scouring waste water and dyeing waste water.
Desizing waste water treatment: Despite small amount of waste water disposal, but it has high concentration COD, about 50~55% total COD of print&dyeing waste water. The main reason is that desizing waste water contains sizing agent, which has high ratio of COD/BOD, resulting poor biodegradability.
Base on pore size screening principle, ceramic membrane separation can detach sizing agents from waste water, both sizing agent and filtrate(high pH)are able to recycled. This techniques not only resolves high COD waste water disposal problem but also recycles valuable sizing agents.

Process Diagram

Process Advantages 
● Completely treating desizing waste water with high COD and high PH, concentrate and filtrate can be both recycled, leaving no contamination to environment discharged.
● Recycling and reusing valuable second resource, changing waste into treasure.
● With excellent properties of ceramic membrane, CRM ceramic membrane is very suitable for this alkali liquid with high COD. The whole integrated system has high reliability
● Easy to be regenerated, pro-long membrane service life
● Simple process, small footprint,and automatic running 

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