Crossflow CRM Membrane for Wine Clarification

Crossflow CRM Membrane for Wine Clarification
Wine, one of three beverages in china, is very welcome among people for its nutrition, excitement and mellow flavour. With the improvement of peoples’ living standard, not only quantity of wine but also quality people pursue will improve greatly. So, it has widely prospective market.
Wine production process is complex and long with several procedures. Main procedure is as follows: fermentation, filtration, clarification, sanitization, packaging. Traditional filtration, clarification and sanitization usually take diatomite, paper and press filter, and centrifuge as main machine to treat fermented wine, but the processing result is poor, not only clarification and filtration is ineffective, but also the nutrition and flavour suffer a certain loss, which results in low quality and high cost of products and wastes lots of resource. 

Ceramic membrane has been widely used to clarify and concentrate in food and beverage for decades due to its many priorities than traditional filter .TFT has developed new ways of wine processing with CRM ceramic membrane.Grape wine processing comprises tens of processing procedure, feed is always undergone several clarifications before entering next processing procedure. Clarification  with CRM ceramic membrane both shows good quality of filtrated product due to reserving original nutrition and flavour and make whole process simple and economical.

Process Diagram

Process Advantages
● One step filtration
● Very high quality of UF filtrate
● A green and safe filtration without filter additives
● Reliable and stable performance
● Wide adaptability to different raw juice
● Long membrane worklife
● Low labor and maintenance cost
● Compact design
● Automatic control

If you need more details about ceramic membrane process for  wine processing,please do not hesitate to contact with us or send email to us. TFT is willing to communicate and share information with you on engineering process issues. We are looking forward to developing more market and more applications with your help, bring this new technology to end users, create more values and benefits for all parties.
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