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2023 China Inorganic Membrane Industry Development Summit Forum

On November 11, the 2023 China Inorganic Membrane Industry Development Summit Forum and the China Membrane Industry Association Inorganic Membrane Annual Conference were successfully held at Nanjing. This forum is hosted by the China Membrane Industry Association and the School of Chemical Engineering of Nanjing University of Technology, and hosted by the Inorganic Membrane Branch of the China Membrane Industry Association.
The forum invited many domestic inorganic membrane experts to analyze the status and development trends of the inorganic membrane industry at home and abroad in recent years; to discuss the industry's current situation and countermeasures; and to conduct all-round and multi-angle exchanges and discussions from the aspects of technology research and development, production processes, product applications, etc. , and also invited local upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in the meeting to connect production and demand.
As a leader in the domestic inorganic membrane industry, Nanjing has the Membrane Science and Technology Institute of Nanjing University of Technology, which is engaged in research work such as the development of membrane materials, membrane application technology, and membrane integration technology. Relying on the technology of the institute, it has incubated and derived many inorganic membranes. Membrane high-tech enterprises, and continue to carry out cooperative innovation, strengthen the team of scientific and technological innovation talents, and provide strong technical support for the development of the inorganic membrane industry. In addition, Nanjing's supporting policies and complete industrial chain for the inorganic membrane industry also provide a solid foundation for the development of inorganic membranes.
As a professional inorganic ceramic membrane manufacturer, Titanium Net Fluid was invited to participate in this forum, exchanged and learned with the representatives, and benefited a lot. In the context of the national "dual carbon" strategy, we firmly believe that the application fields and scale of inorganic membranes will further expand, bringing unprecedented opportunities to the development of inorganic membranes.

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