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China-Sweden Forum

China-Sweden Forum toward Circular Economy Development is held on 14th May in Nanjing,Jiangsu,China. Attendees includes officers from bilateral governments, experts and represents from industries, universities, research institutes and media business.
The forum focuses on the theme of “innovation as a driver for circular industrial parks” . 
As for membrane industry and technology, it will stick to protect “Lucid water and Lush mountains”,only with which, the “gold or silver” can be created.
Membrane Application in Circular Economy Development
*Waste Water Treatment (paper pulp,dying,textile industries )
*Organic Solvent Recycle (pharmacy,chemical industries)
*Economically produce (amino acid,lactic acid, etc )
*Air Pollution Remediation (VOCs, petroleum and gas industries)

TFT represent (right fifth), represents from Embassy of Sweden (left fourth and fifth) 
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