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TFT attended the 26th China International Chlor-Alkali Conference (CICAC)

The 26th China International Chlor-Alkali Conference (CICAC) hosted by China Chlor-Alkali Network (CCAON) was successfully concluded in Nanjing Zijin Villa on April 11-12, 2023. The 26 CICAC made a detailed analysis of hot issues such as how to further develop fine chlorine-consuming products and new materials, broaden the application fields of chlor-alkali products, promote alkali-chlorine balance, increase industry demand, upstream and downstream industries, etc. Which made enterprises can grasp the latest developments in the industry and look forward to the development trend of the industry to promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises in the industry.
TFT was invited to participate in CICAC, and conducted in-depth learning and exchanges with representatives and experts of participating companies. 2023 is a critical period for my country's chlor-alkali industry to achieve high-quality development. Innovation-driven and green development will continue to lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Under the background of the national "double carbon" policy, energy conservation and emission reduction, improvement of energy efficiency and industrial structure adjustment have become important directions for the sustainable development of my country's chlor-alkali industry. Ceramic membranes in the brine refining process is the trend due to lots of advantage:
● A simplifed refining process with one step filtration
● High and stable quality of refined brine
● No use of flocculant agent 
● Low operating cost
● No need of precoating process
● Wide adaptability to all raw salts
● Reliable and stable performance
● Long membrane worklife
● Benefit for post chelate resin and electrolyzer system
● Low labor and maintenance cost
● Compact design with small foot print

TFT keeps developing new functional ceramic membranes and ceramic membrane products, exploring deeper and wider applications and marketing to promote win-win cooperation.
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