How to select suitable Spacer & Channel for membranes

How to select suitable Spacer & Channel for membranes?

Ceramic membranes are normally  made in tubular shapes, with different dimension of channel. The channel size is similar as that of spacer of a spiral membrane. For process industry, normally we recommend small channel with inside diameter (ID) <4.0mm for low viscosity fluid. While for those liquid with high viscosity of high suspended solid with high VCF, we highly recommend membranes with big channel diameter ID>4.0-6.0mm. 
Nordays, ceramic membrane have more and more application for municiple and drinking water treatment because of the reliability of long period running. In this case, we can use multi-channel membrane with very small ID=2.0mm or we can use PCR honeycomb membranes, so that power consumption and CAPEX can be reduced. 
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